Congratulations to the IBE 2017 Award Winners!

Congratulations to the IBE 2017 award winners! The following awards were presented at the Awards Banquet, which took place on the closing night of the IBE 2017 Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Outstanding Student Presentations
Algae-Based Systems I: Kyle Hillman
Algae-Based Systems II: Shihong Liu
Bioenergetics: Anna Doloman
Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering I: Soyon Kim
Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering II: Zeb Vance
Biosensors I: Victoria Morgan
Biosensors II: Nicholas Emery
Environmental Engineering: Joshua Hortin
Materials & Technology for Drug & Nucleic Acid Delivery: Mark Martin Jensen
Metabolic Engineering: Fuchao Xu
Synthetic Biology: Taylor Sheahan
Bioethics Essay Contest Winners
First Place: Kaylee O’Connor, University of Alabama, The Cost of Compassion
Second Place: Morgan Janes, University of Maryland, Using Organ-on-a-Chip Technology to Address the Ethical Challenges of Clinical Drug Testing
Third Place: Kathryn Phillips, University of Missouri, The Use of MDMA to Treat PTSD
Honorable Mention: Soumya Yandamuri, University of Utah, Media: The Real Regulator; Casey Fogarty, University of Missouri, Is Compassionate Care Really All That Compassionate?

Student Poster Competition Winners
KSBB Outstanding Poster/First Place: Characterization of Purple Non-Sulfur Bacteria for Application in Wastewater Treatment, Andrew Walters, Anna Doloman, Ron Sims, and Charles Miller, Utah State University
Second Place: Synthesizing Microcarriers as a Platform for the Pharmaceutical Delivery of Quercetin for Antiviral Applications, Taylor Eggertsen, Arther Hart, William Johnson, Dr. David Britt, Dr. Elizabeth Vargis, Utah State University
Third Place: Agent Based Modeling of Phage-Assisted Continuous Evolution (PACE): Dylan Maghini, Laurie Heyer, A Malcolm Campbell, Davidson College

KSBB Outstanding Poster/First Place: Dual-Responsive, biomimetic nanogels for controlled release of cancer drugs, Kyle Isaacson, M. Martin Jensen, Alex Watanabe, Bryant Green, Teresa Ta, Joseph Cappello, Hamid Ghandehari, University of Utah
Second Place: Novel use for Cement Production Byproduct as Chemical Coagulant and Flocculant, Alan Hodges, Jordan Wanlass, Ronald Sims, Utah State University
Third Place: Controlled Delivery of a Therapeutic Glycosaminoglycan for Amelioration of Radiation-Induced Proctitis-Associated Pain, Mark Martin, Wanjian Jai, Kyle Isaacson, Austin Shults, Joseph Cappello, Glenn Prestwich, Siam Ootamasathien, Hamidreza Ghandehari, University of Utah

Senior Capstone Design Competition Winners
First Place: Microalgae-based Design Alternatives for Petrochemical Waste: Treatment and Value Products
Alan Hodges, Zachary Fica, Jessica VanDarlin, Jordan Wanlass, Ronald Sims, Utah State University
Second Place: Amending PHB with Algal Biomass to Enhance Biodegradability
Celeste Hancock, Shawni Bastian, Amanda Stoudt, Dr. Charles Miller, Andrew Parker, Utah State University
Third Place: Functional Studies of Viral and Host Cell Factors Involved in Regulation of the Replication and Pathogenesis of Human and Animal RNA Viruses
Bravada M. Hill, College of Charleston, Honors, Ng Yan Ling, Nanyang Technological University, Dr. James Tam, Nanyang Technological University, & Dr. Liu Chuan Fa, Nanyang Technological University
Journal of Biological Engineering Award
Publication of the Year (2016)
End-to-end automated microfluidic platform for synthetic biology: from design to functional analysis
Gregory Linshiz, Erik Jensen, Nina Stawski, Changhao Bi, Nick Elsbree, Hong Jiao, Jungkyu Kim, Richard Mathies, Jay D. Keasling, and Nathan J. Hillson
Journal of Biological Engineering, 10:3, 2016
Presidential Citations
Ben Stuart, Immediate Past President
Raj Rao, JBE Editor-in-Chief
Jeong Yeol Yoon, JBE Editor-in-Chief
Asif Rahman, Co-Chair, Bioethics Essay Contest
Lisa Wilken, Co-Chair, Bioethics Essay Contest
Ron Sims, Co-Chair, 2017 Annual Meeting
Sabrina Jedlicka, Co-Chair, 2017 Annual Meeting
Charles Miller, Co-Chair, 2017 Student Poster Competition
Carmen Gomes, Co-Chair, 2017 Student Poster Competition
Jixun Zhan, Outgoing Councilor-at-Large
Jeff Catchmark, Outgoing Councilor-at-Large
Eric McLamore, Outgoing Councilor-at-Large
Kirsten Sims, Outgoing Councilor-at-Large
Melissa Moss, Outgoing Councilor-at-Large
Prem Parajuli, Outgoing Council Secretary
Utah State University, Biological Engineering Department, Outstanding Host