2010 Annual Conference

Hyatt Regency Cambridge
Cambridge, MA
March 4-6, 2010

Program and Presentations:
Thanks to everyone who showed up for the 2010 Annual Conference! The meeting was a great success. We appreciate everyone’s participation and contributions.

 Final Program



  •  2010 Awards Presentation
  • Bioethics Essay Semifinalists –
    1.  First Place – Alex David Hatch, Utah State University
    2.  Second Place - Kirsten Sims, Utah State University
    3.  Third Place – Miranda Joelle Hagen, University of Maryland
    4. Honorable Mention – Katherine Ip, University of Maryland
    5. Honorable Mention – Mariya Sitnova, University of Maryland
  • Poster Competition – Undergraduate Winners
    1. First Place – Abel Cortinas, Microfluidic Separation of Blood Plasma Using Bifurcated Channels, Texas Tech University
    2. Second Place – Lindsey Westbrook, Claire Daigre & Christi Wolgemuth, Genetically Engineered System for Lignin Biodegratdation, Mississippi State University
    3. Third Place - Kyle Struzyk, Determination of a Cell’s Metastatic Potential Using Variable Flow Rates in a Microfluidic Biochip, Texas Tech University
  • Poster Competition – Graduate Winners
    1. First Place – Jonathan Claussen, Electrochemical Biosensors of Templated Nanoelectrode Arrays, Purdue University
    2. Second Place – Courtney LeBlon, Engineering Compliant Polymeric Substrata for Myocardial Contractility, Lehigh University
    3. Third Place – Rameez Chatni, Frequency Domain Fluorescence Lifetime Micro-well Platform for Respirometry Measurements, Purdue University
  • JBE Awards
    1.  Most Access Publication – Solving a Hamiltonian Path Problem with a bacterial computer
  • Presidential Citations – citations are awarded to individuals who have volunteered their time and expertise to IBE to ensure the continued success of the organization.
    1. Christina Smolke – Past President
    2. Roy Young – BioBusiness Nexus Chair
    3. Jerry Gilbert – Bioethics Essay Co-Chair
    4. Praveen Kolar – Bioethics Essay Co-Chair
    5. Czarena Crofcheck – 2009 Treasurer
    6. Brahm Verma – 2010 Annual Conference Committee Member
    7. Jeong-Yeol Yoon – 2010 Annual Conference Chair
    8. Sabrina Jedlicka – 2008-2010 Annual Conference Poster Competition Chair
    9. Mark Eiteman – JBE Editor-in-Chief
    10. Mike Walter – 2009-2010 Councilor-at-Large
    11. Shelia Grant – 2009-2010 Councilor-at-Large & Meetings Committee Chair
    12. Stacy Hutchinson – 2009-2010 Councilor-at-Large
    13. Oscar Guevara – 2009-2010 Councilor-at-Large
    14. Jeffrey Catchmark – 2009-2010 Councilor-at-Large
  • Brahm & Sudha Verma Lifetime Visionary Award Dr William R Fox, Mississippi State University

Conference Photos

IBE Board of Directors
IBE Board of Directors
Linda Griffith, MIT & Brahm Verma, IBE Past President
Linda Griffith, MIT & Brahm Verma, IBE Past President
IBE Committee Meeting
IBE Committee Meeting
Bioethics Essay Semifinalists
Bioethics Essay Semifinalists
KSBB Leadership
KSBB Leadership
Lunch Break
Lunch Break
Poster Competition
Poster Competition
Most Accessed JBE Article Award
Most Accessed JBE Article Award
William Fox – Brahm & Sudha Verma Lifetime Visionary Award Recipient
William Fox – Brahm & Sudha Verma Lifetime Visionary Award Recipient

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