2011 Annual Conference

Loews Atlanta Hotel
Atlanta, Georgia
March 3-5, 2011

Program and Presentations: Thanks to everyone who showed up for the 2011 Annual Conference! The meeting was a great success. We appreciate everyone’s participation and contributions.

Final Program


  • 2011 Awards Presentation
  • Bioethics Essay Semi-finalists –
    1. First Place– Sam Sun, Olin College of Engineering
    2. Second Place – Allison Mettler, University of Nebraska
    3. Third Place – Spencer Sokoloski, University of Maryland
    4. Honorable Mention – Yasmin Kadry, University of Maryland
    5. Honorable Mention – Mian M. B. Khalid University of Maryland
  • Poster Competition – Undergraduate Winners
    1. Grand Prize (Sponsored by KSBB) – Nhean Chea, Kalie S MCulloch, James A Powell, Ronald C Sims, Daphnia Impact on Logan Wastewater Lagoons, Utah State University
    2. First Place – Tyler Pyle, K.D.L. Millar, P. Kumar, J.Z. Kiss, F. Souret, M.J. Correll , The Spaceflight Environment Induces Differential Gene Expression Including Cell-Wall-Related Genes of Arabidopsis Thaliana, Miami University, Ohio & University of Florida
    3. Second Place – Aaron Winder, Timothy Doyle, Soonjo Kwon, Effects of biomechanical microenvironments on breast cancer, Utah State University
    4. Third Place – Liyang Tang, Dr Yulan Xiong, Dr Ted Dawson, Suggested Neurotoxicity for LRRK2 GCK Domains in HEK 293T Cells, John Hopkins University
  • Poster Competition – Graduate Winners
    1. Grand Prize (Sponsored by KSBB) - Jin Shi, Eric S. McLamore, David Jaroch, Jonathan C. Claussen, Jenna L. Rickus, D. Marshall Porterfield, Oscillatory glucose flux in INS 1 pancreatic β cells: A self-referencing microbiosensor study, Purdue University & University of Florida
    2. First Place – Lauren Matlock-Colangelo, Daehwan Cho, Peter Asiello, Chunhui Xiang, Margaret Frey, Antje Baeumner, Investigation of Functional Electrospun Bionanofibers in Microfluidic Channels, Cornell University
    3. Second Place – Jonathan Claussen, James Hengenius, David B. Jaroch, Amani Salim, Jin Shi, Anurag Kumar, Mohammad H. Khawaja, Allison B. Hibbard, Monique M. Wickner, Controlling the performance of electrochemical biosensors through nanomaterials: Simulation and Experiment, Purdue University
    4. Third Place – Matthew Stensberg, Eric McLamore, Gowri Yale, Marisol Sepulveda, D Marshall Porterfield, Comparing the physiological effects of ionic silver and nanosilver on Daphnia magna embryos, Purdue University & University of Florida-Gainesville
  • JBE Awards
    1. Most Access Publication – “Insulation of a synthetic hydrogen metabolism circuit in bacteria”
  • Presidential Citations – citations are awarded to individuals who have volunteered their time and expertise to IBE to ensure the continued success of the organization.
    1. Mark Riley – 2010 President
    2. Roy Young – BioBusiness Nexus Chair
    3. Jerry Gilbert – Bioethics Essay Co-Chair
    4. Praveen Kolar – Bioethics Essay Co-Chair
    5. Brahm Verma – 2010 Annual Conference Committee Member
    6. Kaustubh Bhalerao– 2011 Annual Conference Co-Chair
    7. Liju Yang – 2011 Annual Conference Co-Chair
    8. Prem Parajuli – 2011 Annual Conference Poster Competition Chair
    9. Mark Eiteman – JBE Editor-in-Chief
    10. Patrick Cirino – 2010 Councilor-at-Large
    11. Majed Dweik – 2010 Councilor-at-Large
    12. Drew Endy – 2010 Councilor-at-Large
    13. Natalie Kuldell – 2010 Councilor-at-Large
    14. Guigen Zhang – 2010 Councilor-at-Large
    15. Sarah Laskey – 2010 Undergraduate Student Councilor
  • Leadership Award – To encourage, recognize and reward leadership in the field of biological engineering
    Mark Riley – University of Arizona
    Recognized for:
    Advancing IBE mission
    Contributing to the Creation of JBE
    Negotiating JBE Publisher
    Serving as Founding JBE Editor-in-Chief
    Academic Leadership
    Recognized and Cited Research

    Conference Photos

    IBE Council Members

    Steven Stice, UGA & Mark Riley, IBE Past President

    Mark Riley, IBE Past President & KSBB Leadership

    BioBusiness Nexus Participants

    Bioethics Essay Competition Semifinalists

    Larry McIntyre, Georgia Tech & Bill Batchelor, IBE President *

    Poster Competition

    NSF Travel Grant Recipients

    Mark Riley – Leadership Award Recipient