2014 Annual Conference

IBE 19th Annual Conference
March 6-8, 2014
Hilton Downtown Lexington
Lexington, Kentucky

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Congratulations to the 2014 Award Winners!

Bioethics Essay Competition
First Place
Hilary Schmidt
University of Missouri
Bioethical Implications of Personal Genome Sequencing
Second Place
Garret Hull
University of Missouri
Almost Human
Third Place
Emma Brace
Kansas State University
Biodefense: Looking back and moving forward
Honorable Mentions
Kayla Henderson
University of Missouri
Sean Bedingfield
Utah State University
Helices and Ladders: Impacts on ethics of the future professional world of biological engineers
Student Poster Competition
Undergraduate Category
Grand Prize, sponsored by KSBB
Ramya Prathuri
University of California, Berkeley
Genes to Jeans: A green solution to blue denim
First Place
Ryan Putman, Charles Barentine, Neal Hengge, Andrea Halling, Tyler Gladwin, Cody Tramp, Asif Rahman, Charles Miller, Utah State University
Kathleen Miller, Logan High School
AMPed up E.coli
Second Place
Hilary Schmidt, Karen Kirby, Tatiana Ilina, Quiongying Yang, Zhenquiang Wang, Stefan Sarafianos (University of Missouri), Michael J Parniak (University of Pittsburgh)
Structure-based drug design of novel HIV-1 Rnase H Inhibitors
Third Place
Sean Bedingfield, Kyle Isaacson, Rachael Mansell, Taylor Robins, David Britt
Utah State University
Vapor-phase deposition and silane functionality to address issues in silane Capping of ZnO nanoparticles for use in neurological disorder treatment
Graduate Category
Grand Prize, sponsored by KSBB
Asif Rahman, Ryan J. Putman, Ronald C. Sims, Charles D. Miller, Kadriye Inan, Fulya Ay Sal, Ashik Sathish, Renil Anthony, Terence Smith
Utah State University
Production of Polyhydroxyalkanoates in Escherichia coli from alternative carbon sources
First Place
Husam A. Abu-Hajar, Derrick Fairbanks, R. Guy Riefler, Ben Stuart
Ohio University
Algae-based sustainable house
Second Place
Derrick Fairbanks, Husam A. Abu Hajar, R. Guy Riefler, Ben Stuart
Ohio University
Anaerobic digestion optimization through elemental feedstock characterization
Third Place
Sumit Kumar Singh, Harsh Dosi, Vipul Oswal, Nicholas Flann, H. Scott Hinton
Utah State University
Synthetic Biomanufacturing Institute
Pathway Pioneer: Visualization and Flux Analysis Tool for Large Scale Metabolic Networks
NEW IN 2014!
Erich Baker, Laurie Heyer, Malcolm Campbell (Davidson College)
Brandon Greishaber, Jeffrey Poet, Todd Eckdahl (Missouri Western State University)
Changing plasmid copy number by mutation of the pMB1 origin of replication
Journal of Biological Engineering: 2013 Publication of the Year
A survey of enabling technologies in synthetic biology
Linda J Kahl, Drew Endy
Presidential Citations
Czarena Crofcheck, Program Co-Chair
Melissa Moss, Program Co-Chair
Praveen Kolar, Chair, Bioethics Essay Contest
Meghdad Hajimorad, Chair, Poster Session
Guigen Zhang, Chair, BioBusiness Nexus
Mark Eiteman, Editor, Journal of Biological Engineering
Karmella Haynes, Outgoing Councilor-at-Large
Alyssa Henning, Outgoing Councilor-at-Large
Christopher Anderson, Outgoing Councilor-at-Large
Liju Yang, Outgoing Councilor-at-Large
Ronald Sims, Immediate Past President
Prem Parajuli, Outstanding Session Chair
Ling Yuan, Outstanding Session Chair