2022 Bioethics Essay  Contest

2022 Bioethics Essay Contest

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2022 IBE Bioethics Essay Contest

There are a multitude of biological engineering challenges that will likely confound ethicists in the upcoming decades. Research and development in the areas of climate change, food security, gene editing, vaccine development, data security, and artificial intelligence all stand to provoke deep ethical consideration. Biological engineers stand uniquely positioned to not only address some of the technical challenges ahead, but to do so in a way that centers on value-driven engineering using a collaborative framework.

Undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in any discipline (science, engineering, the arts and humanities, economics, business and social sciences) are invited to compete in the 2022 IBE Bioethics Essay Competition, addressing the ethics of big data in bioengineered systems for agriculture and health. Students should identify two mentors, one from a STEM department and one from a humanities/business/social science/ education discipline, to provide guidance and feedback in developing their entry. Mentors may help students frame problems, arguments, perspectives, and ethical considerations. Essays are encouraged to discuss any areas related to the myriad of emerging biological engineering challenges. Each essay should pick one aspect of the topic, be well-researched, include relevant literature to support each claim made, and justify opinions stated.