IBE Fellows

IBE Fellows

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IBE Fellows

Requirements for IBE Fellows

  1. Fellows are to members of IBE for a minimum of  10 years.  The term of membership need not be consecutive. 
  1. Fellows are to have a recognizable and demonstrable record of unusual and exceptional achievement and accomplishment in a specific sector of Biological Engineering.  The achievement and accomplishment can be in the areas of industry, research, teaching, business, public service, technology development, technology innovation, or advancing the profession of Biological Engineering.
  2. The number of IBE Fellows will be limited to a number equal to 1% of the total number of member-years represented in IBE.  (For example, if the society has 100 members for 10 years, the total number of Fellows could not exceed 10.)  The number of member-years will be determined on June 1 of each year.


Nomination Process and Practices

Nominations must be submitted to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or designee prior to December 31 to be considered for award in the subsequent year.  Awards will be made at the IBE Annual Meeting.  Each nomination not designated an IBE Fellow will be maintained and reviewed a total of 3 times.  After which, a new nomination is required for further consideration.


Nomination documents should include:

  1. A Curriculum Vita;
  2. Dates of membership in IBE;
  3. A letter of nomination stating the specific accomplishments and achievements that distinguish the individual in light of the eligibility requirements; and
  4. Letters of support from three (3) professionals who can attest to and affirm the significance and importance of the accomplishments and achievements.