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IBE Member News

IBE Member News

Welcome to new or returning members:
Please take the opportunity to welcome several new members to the IBE family:
Asif Rahman (Zymergen, Inc., San Francisco), Kurt Rosentrater (Iowa State Univ.), and Tom Richard (Pennsylvania State Univ.)
These individuals (re)joined IBE since August.  Great to have you with us!
Member-Recruit-Member Campaign:
Do we have a deal for you!  Any IBE member can recruit just two new members to IBE and obtain a one year complimentary membership!  This is a great opportunity for those involved in Biological Engineering to engage with IBE programs. Moreover, we now have three membership periods to choose from…starting either January 1, May 1 or September 1.  So, there is no better time to share IBE with your colleagues.  To join visit www.ibe.org
A prelude of things to come:
Be on the lookout for several items that will come your way through the email during the next few weeks.  First, look out for the call for abstracts to the 2020 IBE meeting which will take place in Athens, Georgia on March 19-21.  Second, students get ready for our annual bioethics contest.  The topic for this year’s contest will be open.  Finally, think about nominating your fellow IBE members for one of several Institute Awards.  Details about these awards will be distributed shortly.
Members in the News:
Dr. Jeong-Yeol Yoon was interviewed by Sophie Rovner at the 2019 ACS in San Diego on his
innovation of “Smartphone-based device for detecting norovirus, the ‘cruise ship’ microbe”
The interview is on YouTube at:
A former IBE president and a current Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Biological Engineering, Jeong-Yeol is a Professor at the University of Arizona.  Way to go!
Dr. Ben Stuart has been named the Interim Dean of College of Engineering at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia.  Ben is also a past-President and long-time member of IBE.  See more information at:  http://www.odu.edu/news/2019/5/ben_stuart_
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