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View Webinar Recording: Integrating Human Cells, Systems, and Data: The CuriBio Story

Integrating Human Cells, Systems, and Data: The CuriBio Story

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Dr. Greg Luerman
Vice President, Research & Partnerships, CuriBio, Seattle, USA

Friday, October 28, 2022 - 2:00 PM EST

Greg grew up the son of a General Electric engineer. He originally went to college to study mechanical engineering. However, he was smitten by the challenge of biochemistry. After earning his PhD from University of Louisville, Greg’s industry career started with a Michael J Fox Foundation postdoctoral fellowship in Pfizer’s Neuroscience Research Unit and contributed heavily to discovery of PF-06447475 and PF-06685360. Greg held scientific project management and business development positions at various Contract Research Organizations over ten years. At Curi Bio, Greg leads strategic business development and partnering (services) activities. Curi Bio designs and manufactures tissue-specific bioinstrumentation helping to drive drug discovery - specifically for applications in cardiac and neuromuscular disorders.


Curi Bio is a preclinical technology provider and drug discovery partner based in Seattle, WA. Curi Bio has quickly grown from its University of Washington roots, using key acquisitions, and bringing novel technologies and instrumentation platforms to market in the cardiac, neuro, and neuromuscular space. Curi Bio’s “discovery engine” integrates core IP in human iPSC-derived cell models, tissue-specific biosystems, and AI/ML-enabled data analysis. Dr. Greg Luerman will provide an overview of how Curi Bio’s scientist and engineers work hand-in-hand to design, build, and iterate upon new instruments with tissue-specific and disease-relevant ‘outputs’. These technologies are also helping to radically reduce the usage of animals in drug discovery. Greg will also show some creative ’tools’ Curi Bio is working on to mature as well as exacerbate disease pathology using 3D engineered muscle tissues. Greg will also be accompanied by a team of engineers who will be on hand to help field additional questions about their background and training.


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