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View Webinar Recording: Scalable Cell Programming at Ginkgo Bioworks

Scalable Cell Programming at Ginkgo Bioworks: A broad spectrum of industrial applications of synthetic biology

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Dr. Nate Tedford is the Head of the Foundry at Ginkgo Bioworks, headquartered in Boston, MA. He has over twenty years of experience in building technology platforms in the fields of synthetic biology, systems biology, gene therapy, protein engineering, and medical diagnostics in both academia and industry. He is an expert in metabolomics and proteomics and has applied these approaches to understanding diverse and complex biological systems. Over the last decade at Ginkgo, he’s grown a variety of teams and capabilities in the Foundry, the company’s highly automated factory for cell programming and high throughput Design-Build-Test-Learn paradigms to successfully apply biologically engineered solutions to a number of industries and applications. Nate received his BS in Biomedical Engineering with a focus in Chemical Engineering from The Johns Hopkins University and his PhD in Biological Engineering from MIT.

In this seminar, Nate will provide an overview of Ginkgo Bioworks and discuss examples of where synthetic biology has been successfully applied in market verticals including agriculture, food, materials, pharmaceuticals, and industrial biotechnology overall.



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