Newsletter Guidelines

Author Guidelines
Thank you for submitting your article for publication. The following guidelines are provided to maximize success of your submission. Submissions which do not comply with Author Guidelines will not be published. Every effort will be made to return submissions which do not comply with Author Guidelines to the author for possible resubmission at a later date. Submission is not a guarantee of publication. All content is subject to editorial review, acceptance, copy editing, and space allotment.

Article submissions must include:

  • article text formatted as outlined below
  • proposed title of article
  • author name as desired in the publication byline
  • author telephone and facsimile numbers and e-mail address
  • software and file name identification on disk


Articles: all text must be written in third person

Letters to the Editor and Editorials: first person may be used, but third person remains the recommended guideline

Abbreviations should be avoided. (Common abbreviations may be acceptable in a long article but must be spelled out immediately followed by the abbreviation in parentheses the first time it is used.

Lists, Bullet Points, and Subheads should be avoided. Long lists of names, materials, phone numbers, etc. do not meet the criteria of a news article and therefore will be edited