Distinction in Biological Engineering Awards

IBE Fellows

An IBE FELLOW has a recognizable and demonstrable record of unusual and exceptional achievement and accomplishment in a specific sector of Biological Engineering. Their achievement and accomplishment advance the profession of Biological Engineering. The Institute of Biological Engineering encourages inquiry, application and interest in biological engineering in the broadest and most liberal manner and reaches out to engineers, scientists and professionals internationally to advance Biology-Inspired Engineering.

Brahm & Sudha Verma, Lifetime Visionary Award

IBE Brahm and Sudha Verma Lifetime Visionary Award was established to simultaneously honor Dr. Brahm Verma for his contribution to the establishment and growth of IBE and to the field of Biological Engineering; and to recognize the "most visionary work in biology-inspired engineering frontiers". The award is intended to recognize those who make significant advances in the practice, articulation, and/or vision of Biological Engineering.

Biological Engineering Leadership Award

The Biological Engineering Leadership Award was established to recognize leaders in the field who have realized achievements in research, education and/or professional practice. Innovation, development, implementation and advancement within Biological Engineering are factors the awards committee takes into consideration.